Is JYP Blocking Former NMIXX Jini From Appearing On Music Shows? — Netizens Debate Over The Speculations

Too far fetched or a possibility?

JINI, a newly debuted soloist who was previously a member of the girl group NMIXX, has become the topic of debate among netizens regarding her promotional activities.


JINI  suddenly departed from NMIXX last December, and both the singer, her former teammates, and NMIXX’s agency JYP Entertainment, have since been pretty tight-lipped about the reason.

JINI as a former NMIXX member | @NMIXX_official/Twitter

JINI made her solo debut on October 11 with the song “C’mon” featuring popular American rapper Aminé.

Despite this debut being highly anticipated, Korean netizens couldn’t help noticing how the idol has not made any significant music show appearance to promote the song, contrasting the usual industry norms. After her debut, JINI has only been to Arirang TV’s show Simply K-Pop to perform the song live.

Since JINI addressed the topic of her abrupt departure from NMIXX during her showcase without really divulging any real reason, there have already been speculations about bad blood between her and her former company. So, many are theorizing that JYP is probably blocking her from appearing on music shows.

While it’s not rare for agencies to block artists from appearing on shows if they choose to leave (singer Ailee was speculated to be a victim of this), many netizens also felt that the theory was pretty far-fetched.

Here’s what netizens feel about JINI’s situation:

| Nate Pann
  • “No, but if even that Kim Woojin bast*rd can go on music shows, why can’t Jini? F*ck.”
  • “She’s a rookie soloist, so I bet that’s why she didn’t make it in the lineup. Why bring up JYP? Both the post and comments are f*cking busy speculating about everything. Cut it down.”
  • “I don’t think they are blocking her. I guess it’s true that Jini broke her contract and left. There was probably a condition about not hurting NMIXX after she leaves (at least not overlapping on music shows….). There wouldn’t be such a condition if she left on good terms.”
  • “Isn’t it simply because she’s small-scale?”
| Nate Pann
  • “Didn’t they just target the foreign fans for this comeback? And isn’t that why the song is in English and she only appeared on ‘Simply K-Pop?'”
  • “Wasn’t it because appearing on music shows cost money?”
  • “The justification that it’s because her company is small really makes no sense. If you look at the lineup on music shows, small and mid-scale rookies can manage to appear on at least ‘The Show,’ ‘Show Champion,’ and ‘Music Bank.’ JYP blocking her is also an unfounded assumption, but saying it’s because her company is small? No way.”
  • “All the outfits uploaded on her Instagram are from luxury brands, and yet, her agency has no power. It’s fascinating. Are they going for an influencer vibe?”
  • “Isn’t it f*cking baseless to say JYP blocked her? JYP didn’t even block like that when it happened with Stray Kids, LOL. It seems like she hasn’t appeared because she can’t. But JYP and NMIXX are getting blamed.”
Source: Nate Pann