JYP Entertainment Under Fire For Leaving Lia Out Of Official Congratulatory Post

They didn’t include Lia in the photo.

Girl group ITZY recently became the 3rd girl group globally to hit 20 million followers on Instagram. As per company protocol, JYP Entertainment updated their official group account with a congratulatory post.

Fans were angered when they realized that the photo used was one without Lia. Lia is currently under a health hiatus, but she is still a member of the group. The photo used was one from the recent promotions for “Untouchable,” for which Lia sat out of. Fans wondered where Lia was, as well as called out the company for their lack of wit.

Fans comments. | theqoo

Korean netizens similarly wondered if it was simply a lack of competency from the staff, or if it indicated something more.

Netizen comments. | theqoo
  • They really have no sincerity.
  • Thinking about if they did this to my bias… My blood is boiling. There are more photos of them as 5 instead of 4. How can they do this?
  • Must they really? The company, ugh.
  • This is really bad.
  • While they were uploadjng this, did not one member of staff think to say, “shouldn’t we use a picture with five members?”
  • Are they just planning for her leave?
  • Gasp… Is she really leaving?

You can read more about Lia’s health hiatus here.

ITZY’s Lia To Take A Hiatus Due To Health Concerns





Source: Theqoo