JYP Entertainment Has A Strict Dating Ban Except For This Idol

JYP encourages this idol to date!

Any artist who debuts under JYP Entertainment has to abide by a dating ban for the first 3 years into their career. However, that notorious ban doesn’t seem to apply to singer-songwriter Baek Ayeon!


JYP actually encourages Baek Ayeon to date so that she’ll have more inspirations to write out in songs.

“The company encourages me to go outside, meet people and date. They say it’s good to have experiences and emotions for singing and songwriting.

I want to date once I find a good person.”

— Baek AYeon 


Although she doesn’t have a dating ban, she doesn’t seem to have found the perfect person as her previous hit “So-So” claims.

“It’s not that I have high expectations
I’m just not that attracted
We’d meet a couple times
but there’s only awkward between us

No matter who I meet So-So
Even by myself is So-So
No flutters or feelings (So-So)
I’m losing what it feels like to be in love
I don’t remember”

— Baek Ayeon’s “So-So”


When fellow label-mate, Bernard Park, chimed in that he was banned from dating for the first 2 years, Baek Ayeon surprisingly revealed she was sad it didn’t apply to her too.


JYP Entertainment’s dating ban was initially met with a lot of interest after it was reported that artists cannot date or meet friends until three years into their debut.

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But artists such as GOT7’s Jackson, whose ban has been lifted, actually still prefers it and decided to focus on the group’s career instead. 

Jackson Explains Why He Agrees With JYP Entertainment’s Dating Ban


It appears that the agency policy isn’t a blanket ban after all. Here’s to Baek Ayeon finding her muse!

Source: SportsDonga