JYP Entertainment’s Initial Response To Lee Junho’s Dating Allegations Goes Viral

“They seem super confused, LOL.”

Netizens reacted to JYP Entertainment‘s initial response to rumors alleging YoonA and Lee Junho were dating.

Yoona (left) and Lee Junho (right) |

On July 3, Lee Junho was swirled up in dating rumors with Girls’ Generation and King The Land co-star YoonA.

Korean Netizens React To Report Alleging “King The Land” Actors YoonA And Lee Jun Ho Are Dating

The rumors stem from an exclusive report by media outlet Proof, in which they claimed an industry insider tipped them off.

An industry insider revealed to PROOF that Lee Junho and Lim Yoona had been dating before filming JTBC’s weekend drama King The Land — The two are said to have chosen this drama for that reason.


In response, both idols’ agencies initially stated that they were looking into the rumors, with Lee Junho’s JYP Entertainment notably adding that they were also genuinely surprised by the report.

This is the first time we’ve heard (the rumor). We are looking into it.

— JYP Entertainment

JYP Entertainment’s response quickly went viral, with netizens laughing at how surprised the agency seemed to be.

  • “I mean, the original article doesn’t even show up on search portals. Do you think the media outlet just lied for publicity?”
  • “The fact they said it was the first they had heard the rumors, LOL.”
  • “They said it was the first time they heard the rumors. LOL.”
  • “Is this really a scheme for the media outlet to go viral? LOL.”
  • “They seem super confused, LOL.”
  • “What do you mean? LOL.”
  • “They seem dumbstruck by the rumor. LOL.”
  • “‘It is the first time we’re hearing this,’ LOL. The response is so hilarious.”

Previously, many netizens questioned the validity of the report, with many chastising the media outlet for publishing a report based on industry hearsay. SM and JYP Entertainment have since both denied the rumors in the following statement. Read more about it in the link below.

Both SM And JYP Entertainment Deny Girls’ Generation’s YoonA And 2PM’s Lee Junho Are Dating

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