JYP Entertainment Responds To DAY6 Jae’s Complaints About Unfair Treatment

His agency has addressed the issue.

On June 29, DAY6‘s Jae called out JYP Entertainment for not giving him equal treatment. In a series of tweets, he asked why the agency is promoting Young K‘s solo activities but not his.

Jae also revealed that JYP Entertainment forced him to discontinue his JaeSix YouTube channel that he had to “beg” to open.

On YouTube too, it was all me, doing the work alone for JaeSix. The company said things about it, and I had to beg for permission to do it. Even after all of that, they said ‘people within the company don’t approve of it’ and so I had to stop it. Why do the other members get their content expenses covered, management for their schedules, and help from the staff?

— Jae

On June 30, JYP Entertainment announced their official position on the matter, stating that the “misunderstanding” has been resolved.

We have resolved the misunderstanding between the company and the members through dialogue. We will be careful and try to prevent this from happening in the future.

— JYP Entertainment

Jae has also released a follow-up statement, apologizing to My Days for causing them to worry.

I just talked to my agency again, and it seems like there was a lot of misunderstanding. I want to apologize personally through this post for causing you worry. What I wanted to express was a personal issue between me and my agency, and it has nothing to do with the other members. I didn’t think that part through. I apologize to our My Days for causing you worry with my short-sightedness.

— Jae

Although the matter is resolved for Jae, fans are now demanding fair treatment for all JYP Entertainment artists who have had similar experiences.

Fans Criticize JYP Entertainment’s Treatment Of Artists, Following DAY6 Jae’s Complaints

Source: Newsen