Fans Criticize JYP Entertainment’s Treatment Of Artists, Following DAY6 Jae’s Complaints

Fans are pointing out past and present issues between the agency and its artists.

DAY6‘s Jae recently called out his agency, JYP Entertainment, for the unfair treatment. Now, fans are showing support for Jae while gathering evidence of the company’s past and present behavior.

On June 29, Jae quoted the official DAY6 Twitter account, asking why JYP Entertainment is promoting his fellow member Young K‘s solo activities (podcasts, YouTube content, etc) but not his.

“Just recently I’ve done podcasts,” he wrote, in a follow-up tweet. “I’ve done the HWAITING podcast on Facebook and did a collab with 88rising, why aren’t my activities shared?” Jae also brought up his YouTube channel, which the agency forced him to discontinue.

JYP Entertainment and Jae have since discussed what both say is a “misunderstanding”. The matter is now resolved for Jae, but not for the fans who are demanding fair treatment all JYP Entertainment artists whom they feel have been shafted by the agency.

As these fans have pointed out, Jae is not the first JYP Entertainment artist to call out the company.

“JYP, are you listening? I need to sing. I’m a singer,” Jimin (Jamie) Park said on After School Club. “So that’s why I need an album.” 

Although Jamie’s words were in jest, they ring true. Baek A-Yeon mentioned a lack of equal promotions while explaining why she left the company.

In addition to this, fans are criticizing other behavior that they feel is problematic, such as GOT7 BamBam not being granted permission to open a YouTube channel…

…and the lack of legal actions reportedly taken to protect TWICE‘s Tzuyu

…and Stray Kids from harassment.

Read Jae and JYP Entertainment’s official statements here:

JYP Entertainment Responds To DAY6 Jae’s Complaints About Unfair Treatment

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