JYP Entertainment Releases Update On TWICE Mina’s Health

Fans have been waiting to hear this!

TWICE‘s Mina is getting better!

Last year, JYP Entertainment revealed that TWICE‘s Mina had been diagnosed with a severe anxiety disorder.

She faces extreme anxiety that occurs continuously, intermittently, and unexpectedly.

– JYP Entertainment

Afterwards, Mina temporarily withdrew from activities without giving any concrete date of return. She would occasionally participate in photoshoots but was unable to perform on stage.

However, on February 11, she performed “Feel Special” with the other TWICE members for the first time during their concert in Fukuoka, Japan.

Earlier today, JYP Entertainment released a statement regarding Mina’s health.

Mina’s health has stabilized a lot.

– JYP Entertainment

They will continue to monitor her health for her future activities.

Source: Naver