JYP Gives Official Statement About Mina’s Return For Future Promotions

Following her surprise appearance at TWICE’s fan meet, JYP has spoken up about her future.

JYP Entertainment has given their official statement regarding TWICE‘s Mina‘s return to promotions.

On October 20, fans were given a delightful surprise when Mina unexpectedly decided to attend the group’s 4th debut anniversary fan meeting. Following her surprise appearance, JYP has since spoken up about Mina’s future promotions.


Mina herself really wanted to join the fans for TWICE’s fourth anniversary fan meet, and after discussing it with the members, we decided that she should start by participating in the performances during the fan meeting.


JYP then revealed that her future schedule is unclear at the moment, and that her decision to participate in group activities can change depending on her condition at the time. JYP Entertainment also emphasized that her health takes priority over everything else, and is the most important factor while making any and all decisions.


Mina was previously diagnosed with an anxiety disorder this year, and has slowly but steadily been recovering her health while on hiatus. She recently participated in the TWICE’s latest Japanese comeback, “Fake & True”. Fans are all excited to see her again, if and when the time is right.


Get well soon, Mina!