TWICE’s Mina Participates In Preparations For Japanese Comeback, Fans Are Proud Of Her

Mina is so loved.

TWICE‘s Mina, who has been struggling with health and anxiety issues, bravely made a brief return to film the music video and promotional videos for their latest Korean release “Feel Special” before sitting out the rest of the group’s promotions to focus on her wellness—a decision that ONCEs strongly supported.

Initially announced back in September, the girls of TWICE have yet another comeback to prepare for—this time in Japan. On November 20, they will drop their second full-length Japanese album &TWICE and it appears that Mina once again put on a brave face to participate in the preparation of promotional material and, quite possibly, also the filming of the MV for the albums title track “Fake & True”.

Although Mina’s well-being and health come first to both the group members and fans, ONCEs are deeply appreciative of Mina’s efforts to remain involved in the group’s activities as much as she is able to.

It’s obvious that she’s very close with her fellow groupmates, who have shown multiple times how much they love and support her, so although participating in promotional shoots must have taken great thought and effort on Mina’s part, we’re sure that her friends made sure that she was comfortable throughout.

Mina, everyone is so proud of you for always trying your best! 💖