TWICE’s Jihyo Shows She’s The Best Leader By Finding A Way To Include Mina Despite Her Absence

Jihyo couldn’t forget Mina.

Jihyo, the leader of nine-member girl group TWICE, showed how much the girls love and appreciate fellow member Mina, who has been sitting out promotions to take care of her health, by finding different ways to include her during a recent appearance on Mnet‘s M Countdown.

During one moment, Jihyo held up a fan featuring Mina’s face as Sana gazed wistfully at it.

And, in another sweet moment, Jihyo appeared wearing Mina’s Lovely, Mively, pinned to her outfit.

For those who don’t know, the Lovelys are small sprites that were introduced in the music video for “BDZ”. Each member has a Lovely that represents their personality and traits, and Mina’s Lovely is Mively, a small turquoise sprite that has a peaceful personality.

Although TWICE has shown time and time again how close they are, fans were nonetheless moved to see Mina’s inclusion despite her not being in attendance.