These Photos Of TWICE’s Mina From The Behind-The-Scenes Of “Feel Special” Will Brighten Your Day

Your day will instantly get better when you see Mina’s smile!

JYP Entertainment recently released behind-the-scenes photos from TWICE‘s “Feel Special” music video to Naver and fans of the group were quick to notice a smiling Mina! 💖

Mina, who has been on hiatus due to health issues and anxiety, voluntarily made a special effort to participate in shooting the music video and teasers. She also made an appearance promoting the song’s release in a clip recorded for Apple Music. Although her well-being was important to them, ONCEs couldn’t hide how ecstatic they were to see Mina included and involved in the music video and promotions.

ONCEs love TWICE and Mina so much, that when the behind-the-scenes photos of “Feel Special” were released, they couldn’t hide their delight at seeing Mina looking happy and healthy.

Indeed, Mina looks relaxed and comfortable being with her groupmates, who are also her good friends. The other members of TWICE care about her so much that they often make an effort to make sure she’s included, whether it’s mentioning her in a speech to wearing Mina’s Lovely Mively or carrying a fan with her face on it so that she can be with them in spirit.

From her natural and happy expression and demeanor, it’s obvious that Mina knows how much she is valued by her groupmates and that she can be herself when she’s with them.

In addition to the pictures being released, Jeongyeon also recently updated fans, letting them know that Mina was doing well and had received all the letters they sent, encouraging ONCEs to continue writing to Mina. ONCEs must feel reassured, knowing that Mina is aware of their love and support for her recovery and that she is surrounded by friends who genuinely love and care for her the way they do.