J.Y.Park’s Infamous “Bed Selfie” Resurfaces On National Television

And the meme lives on.

In the latest episode of the tvN show Dancing Queens On The Road, the founder of JYP Entertainment, J.Y. Park, made an unexpected cameo.

 (From left to right) Kim Wan Sun, Uhm Jung Hwa, Lee Hyori, BoA, and Hwasa from MAMAMOO, the cast of “Dancing Queens On The Road | tvN

The show’s third episode followed the five iconic divas of K-Pop, Kim Wan SunUhm Jung HwaLee HyoriBoA, and Hwasa from MAMAMOO, as they took the road on a bus together. They were also joined by the show’s MCHong Hyun Hee.

While the six of them were chatting, the topic of MC-ing shows came up, and BoA mentioned that she is preparing to re-appear as a host on the second season of Music Universe K-909. Hwasa shared that she, too, has experience in the field, having MC-ed the Hwasa Show on tvN. 

BoA for Music Universe K-909 | JTBC
Poster of the “Hwasa Show” | tvN

When Uhm Jung Hwa asked BoA how she likes the job of hosting, the singer shared a fun story involving J.Y.Park. BoA said that when he appeared as a guest on her show, she wanted to “tease him” for some reason, and so “told him to dance and things like that.” But to her surprise, Park didn’t turn down a single request!

BoA: Jinyoung oppa came [to the show].

Uhm Jung Hwa: How was it?

BoA: I don’t know why, I wanted to tease him.

BoA: I asked him to dance and stuff like that.

Lee Hyori: So, did he do it all?

BoA: He did.

Hwasa agreed that Park really goes all out for these shows. When he guested on her program, Hwasa revealed that he went so hard at the rehearsals that during the actual filming, his voice had gone hoarse. Lee Hyori joked, “Then he couldn’t do it like a pro,” making everyone break into a giggle. But the MAMAMOO maknae explained that he probably got into his feelings too much.

MC Hong Hyun Hee then suddenly mentioned that the best way to tease J.Y.Park is to get him to say, “Honey, why are you whining again?” The cast broke into a chuckle, except Kim Wan Sun, who had no idea what it was about.

Seeing her clueless state, Lee Hyori took it upon herself to explain the popular meme. After the internet discovered an old photo of Park posing like he was under the sheets on the bed, someone had captioned it with, “Honey, why are you whining again?” which made the picture and its setting even more hilarious. Since then, it has become almost like a pop-culture reference among netizens.

Lee Hyori then demanded that the person who wrote that caption should be awarded. She then added her own observation, saying, “No, but why doesn’t he have any color to his lips? His lips are so pale,” making her castmates laugh again.