K-Dramas And Advertisements Are Adding In A “School Violence Penalty” To Their Contracts In Light Of Recent Events

They are covering their bases.

Both K-Dramas and advertisements are adding in a new penalty for cast members or models who cause damage to the work due to their past scandals.

According to an exclusive report from Osen, K-Drama production teams and companies are modifying their contracts with the celebrities they work with to add in a new clause, forcing the celebrity to pay double the penalty fee if they are involved in a school bullying or violence scandal that negatively affects the production.

The actors who have already signed their contracts have had an additional clause related to school violence added to their contract. Future contracts will also have the same school violence clause.

We are considering whether the offender should pay double the penalty fee, or if they should pay all of the fees, from the PPL sponsor fees to the costs incurred by the delay and re-filming of the drama.

— K-Drama Insider

The advertising industry is operating in a similar fashion, adding a new clause to their contracts relating to school violence. Many advertising contracts already include a decency clause, which forces the offender to pay a penalty if they cause a social controversy, drunk driving, or assault. However, school violence and bullying was recently added to the clause.

If the advertisement model causes a social controversy, the penalty fee can be more than double now.

— Advertising insider

Due to recent school bullying controversies, many dramas and advertisements have had to make last minute adjustments. River Where The Moon Rises was forced to remove Ji Soo, cast Na In Woo, and re-film starting from episode 9. CLIO had to remove Hyunjin from their advertisements including Stray Kids, and Peripera removed (G)I-DLE‘s Soojin from her advertisements.

Source: Osen
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