K-Pop Idols Are Not Being Investigated For Current Presidential Scandal

K-Pop Celebrities are being caught up in the current Presidential scandal, the latest being Jessica Jung. She has completely denied and refuted all accusations.

On November 14th, Jessica Jung‘s agency, Coridel Entertainment denied all claims that Jessica had any connections with Choi Soon Sil. Choi is the recently arrested culprit behind the scandal that is currently sweeping the nation.

YG Entertainment was also initially accused of being involved. However, they cleared their names up quite quickly as well with these statements.

Jessica was then brought up in these rumors on online websites, including a popular “Blind Item” gossip column.

Coridel Entertainment was quick to shut down these rumors. The company revealed, “Jessica has absolutely nothing to do with Choi Soon Sil and her name was brought up for no reason at all. Her image and career already suffered from this. We will be paying close attention to this situation and take strong legal action against any false rumors”

Governor Ahn confirmed on Facebook revealing, “The claim that I had requested a police investigation on certain celebrities is false.”

Source: Dispatch