PSY clears his name of involvement in the recent presidential scandal

YG Entertainment’s PSY has recently cleared his name of rumors claiming that he favored and backed by Choi Soon Sil. 

Chois Soon Sil is the culprit behind the current presidential scandal that’s has caused a million people to march the streets in protest.

On November 3rd, governor Ahn Min Seok revealed in a statement, “Choi Soon Sil gave special treatment to a certain celebrity that she was well acquainted with”. Rumors spread immediately that YG Entertainment and PSY were the mentioned celebrity and company involved.

The rumor started because many people suspected that YG was backed by Choi Soon Sil (which was denied earlier this week). They also believed that Cha Eun Taek – a director suspected of being inside Choi Soon Sil’s circle – directed one of his MVs.

At the press conference of K-Pop Star 6 on November 10th, Yang Hyun Suk revealed, “Recently PSY’s name kept coming up in conjunction to a rumor about Choi Soon Sil and I looked into the origin of the rumor and it was ridiculous and groundless. There are a lot of rumors but I can say he has 0% to do with any of them”

On November 11th, the office of Ahn Min Seok confirmed this with an announcement stating “Reports that the celebrity favored by Choi Soon Sil is PSY of YG Entertainment is not true” clearing PSY‘s name.

Source: Daily Sports