“K-Pop Star 4” winner Katie Kim drops 10kg due to YG Entertainment’s encouragement

Last season’s winner of K-Pop Star Katie Kim has revealed to have lost 10kg, or 22 pounds, since the public last saw her.

Following the announcement of her win in the Season 4 finale, Katie Kim chose to join YG Entertainment. Since joining the YG-Family, Katie Kim joined legendary hip-hop duo Jinusean on the stage for their track “Tell Me One More Time.”

According to the upcoming singer, “I began to diet at the encouragement of the agency,” revealing that through strict diet control and exercise, she has lost 10kg.


Jun Hyun Moo is currently the MC for the K-Pop Star 5 D-DAY segments, and upon seeing a clip of Katie Kim during her time on the show earlier this year, he jokingly asked, “Who is that?”

Asking her in a short interview, “Is the food at YG the best?” as the cafeteria in the agency is renowned for its amazing food“YG’s food is really delicious but because of my diet, I couldn’t eat it.”

Meanwhile, in a recent teaser for K-Pop Star 5, Katie Kim can be seen with her slimmer figure as she makes her way inside the venue with K-Pop Star 1 runner-up and YG Entertainment artist Lee Hi.

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Posted by SBS KPOP STAR OFFICIAL(SBS K팝스타) on Thursday, November 12, 2015

Source: OSEN

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