Jay Park And Kang Daniel Show Off Their B-Boy Moves Together In A Dance Challenge

We’re living for this collaboration.

It’s not often you see B-Boys in the K-Pop and K-Hiphop scene. Kang Daniel was famed to be a B-Boy since his Produce 101 days. Prior to his Wanna One fame, Kang Daniel was active in the underground scene as a B-Boy. Even post-debut, he continued to show off his B-Boy skills as a personal talent. No matter which variety show he was on, he would always be asked to demonstrate.

Kang Daniel doing B-Boy on Weekly Idol. | MBC

He met his match when Jay Park asked him to collaborate on a dance challenge for his new song, “GANADARA”. The challenge was perfect for Kang Daniel! The challenge choreography consisted mainly of footwork paired with simple hand movements. While the hand movements may lead you to think that the dance is easy, the footwork is pretty hard. Not everyone will be able to smoothly pull off those moves!

| @moresojuplease/Instagram

Due to Kang Daniel’s B-Boy background, not only did he master the footwork, he also did a freeze with Jay Park.

| @moresojuplease/Instagram

Jay Park himself is known for his B-Boy skills, having trained up pre-debut. He is part of the Seattle-based Art Of Movement B-Boy crew, having joined in 2003. As Jay Park’s former boy group, 2PM, was a group that incorporated B-Boying and stunting into their choreography, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Jay Park was recruited eventually.

Seems like the two also enjoyed a cuppa together! Kang Daniel posted a cute coffee break with the same background, on the same day, on his Instagram.

We’re all for this friendship! Hopefully we get to see the two B-Boy together some day. Check out the full challenge below.