Kang Daniel Celebrates His New “Cyan” Album With A Fun #KangDaniel2U TikTok Challenge

Go on! Show him your best moves!

On March 24, 2020, Kang Daniel dropped his new album CYAN — and the track “2U” has more than 1M+ views on YouTube already. That’s not surprising: The song is a super bop and we’re completely in love with it!

And, for more Kang Daniel bliss, he is celebrating the successful release of his first mini-album with a TikTok challenge:

@konnect_kangdaniel##KangDaniel2U 챌린지에 참여해보세요💙♬ 2U – Kang Daniel

On his official TikTok account, Kang Daniel shared a series of videos that showed the fans how to participate in this fun choreography challenge…

@konnect_kangdaniel##KangDaniel2U 친구와 함께 챌린지 도전💙♬ 2U – Kang Daniel

Try the challenge with a friend!

— Kang Daniel

… with the hashtag #KangDaniel2U! Alright, Kang Daniel fans — Looks like it’s show time. Go on and show off those moves!

@konnect_kangdaniel##KangDaniel2U 너라는 이유✨💙

♬ 2U – Kang Daniel

You can listen to the whole track here:

Kang Daniel