Kang Daniel Confirmed To Make His Comeback In February

Kang Daniel is back.

Kang Daniel has been confirmed to be preparing for his comeback in February.

According to an exclusive report from Joy News24, Kang Daniel is in the midst of his comeback preparations, and is planning to make his comeback in February. His comeback would be six months after the successful release of his mini-album MAGENTA.

In response to the reports, Kang Daniel’s agency KONNECT Entertainment has confirmed the news, saying he is indeed getting ready for his comeback.

Kang Daniel is preparing for his comeback which is planned for February. We are in the final stages of preparation.

— KONNECT Entertainment

Alongside his preparations for his album, Kang Daniel is also preparing for a variety of content related to the new K-Pop fandom application UNIVERSE, including the app’s concert UNI-KON on February 14 and a new variety show AGENT BLACKJACK K.

Source: Newsen and Joy News24

Kang Daniel