Kang Daniel Diagnosed With Depression, Symptoms Became More Severe Recently

His depression has gotten worse.

In an exclusive report from Sports Seoul, it was revealed that Kang Daniel was diagnosed with depression earlier this year after going through several incidents, such as his lawsuit with LM Entertainment, and that his depression symptoms have worsened recently.

An insider spoke about the issues that could arise in the future if his symptoms are unable to be treated.

As his health deteriorates, he could even be facing the situation where he can’t even promote for his comeback.

— Insider

Kang Daniel recently made his solo comeback with “TOUCHIN” and even picked up a trophy on SBS MTV‘s The Show, but early in the morning of December 4, Kang Daniel expressed his frustration towards malicious commenters, and how it’s taking a toll on his mental well being.

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Due to his lawsuit against LM Entertainment, Kang Daniel was unable to promote for months. In September 2019, when the lawsuit was finally lifted, Kang Daniel was able to resume normal promotions again, but the past, combined with a constant swarm of malicious commenters, has affected Kang Daniel’s mental health in a negative way.

Source: Sports Seoul

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