Kang Daniel Donated 30 Million Won To Victims Of The Gangwon Wildfire, And His Fans Donated Even More

Daniel and his fans raised a very significant amount of money.

The Hope Bridge Disaster Relief Association reported that Kang Daniel donated 30 million won ($26,000) on April 8th to aid victims of the Gangwon wildfire. This isn’t Daniel’s first time donating to charitable causes, he has donated to causes aiding disabled children in the past.

Fans of Kang Daniel have also been holding a donation relay in his name since April 5th and as of April 8th, 4,046 separate donations have been made in Kang Daniel’s name.

This has resulted in a cumulative total of 153,990,000 ($134,821) in donations under Daniel’s name to aid those affected by the ferocious Gangwon wildfire.

Daniel has not been seen in public since January due to an ongoing contract dispute with his agency, LM Entertainment.

Source: Single List

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