Kang Daniel Drops Intense Teaser Images For Comeback, Will Make Music Show Debut Next Week

He’s finally performing on music shows!

Kang Daniel will make his music show debut next week!

On November 19 and 20, Kang Daniel dropped teaser images for his upcoming comeback single, “Touchin'”. The images showed the artist in a somber black and white scenario in one set of photos, and in a sharp, red velvet suit in the other set of concept photos.

Fans were extremely excited to see how handsome he looked in his teaser images, but were beyond elated to see that Kang Daniel was featured on Music Bank‘s preview for next week’s episode!

His performance on Music Bank next week marks his first music show performance ever since he made his solo debut in July. The ban on Kang Daniel appearing on Korean broadcast shows was recently lifted as his legal dispute with LM Entertainment came to a close.

Fans have been sharing their joy and happiness at finally seeing Kang Daniel being able to perform on Korean music shows:


Kang Daniel is set to make his comeback on November 25, with the single “Touchin'”.

Kang Daniel