Kang Daniel Is Now The Face Of Busan City As Its Official Ambassador

He was selected by Busan citizens!

Kang Daniel, who is now actively preparing himself to return to the K-Pop industry, has been selected as an official ambassador to represent and promote City of Busan, South Korea!


Kang Daniel’s agency, KONNECT Entertainment, recently confirmed that Kang Daniel – who hails from Busan city himself – has been elected as the city’s promotional ambassador and that he will attend the commissioning ceremony in July 2019.


Back in April of 2019, the City of Busan held a voting event for citizens to hand select the “best person to represent the charms of Busan”. The event was held on Busan city’s official website and social media platforms from April 17, 2019 through April 30, 2019. Kang Daniel was selected by the people of Busan to become their face and voice.

Translations: “[Busan City Ambassador] Citizens, Please Make Recommendations!”


As the city’s ambassador, Kang Daniel will promote the city for more tourism and further improvements. While the “city ambassador” position is unpaid, it is often regarded as a highly honorary title for those K-Pop stars who can hold it. Kang Daniel also acknowledged that he is honored and feels responsible to be a good representation for the city.

I’ve always wanted to do something special for the city where I was born and raised. I’m excited to become Busan’s ambassador, as much as I feel responsible. It’s the best city already, but I’ll work hard to help in making it even better.

— Kang Daniel


Meanwhile, Kang Daniel has been keeping busy with creating his own agency and getting ready to make his way back into K-Pop, especially since his lawsuit against his former agency has ended in his victory. Kang Daniel’s fans look forward to seeing him back on stage soon!

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Source: Newsen