Kang Daniel Worries His Fans Might Have Forgotten His Face And Their Reaction Is Funny AF

How would anyone forget this face!

Kang Daniel surprised his fans with a recent Instagram live broadcast. In the video, he looked gorgeous as ever; but he was captured being shy and awkward and fans are totally living for it!


Kang Daniel introduced himself and continued to look a little shaky. He explained, “I’m really nervous right now because I haven’t done this in a while and I haven’t seen you guys in a long time.” Kang Daniel claimed his hands are trembling from the anxiety and he kept nervously smiling and looking away from the camera too.


Kang Daniel stated, “I wanted to do a live broadcast before making any official appearances.” He then went on to explain that he wanted to come in front of the camera as soon as he could, because he was “worried that the fans might have forgotten his face.”


He confirmed that he is in the final stages of preparing to return to the stage. He talked about how he is participating hands-on in writing the music for his new album. Even when he was talking about his future plans, Kang Daniel couldn’t hide his nervousness and kept flashing his most adorable smile to cover it up.


Kang Daniel’s fans were left breathless after this cute little live broadcast. In response to the video, all of them are leaving comments reassuring Kang Daniel that “forgetting his face” would be an impossible thing to do. They’re also leaving a bunch of samoyed memes and pictures, claiming that “Kang Daniel hasn’t changed at all.” To the fans, he is still just a big puppy trying to fluff his way into their hearts!

Nonsense. I know of no such thing as forgetting your face.

— Kang Daniel’s Fan

How would anyone forget this face! HOW!

— Kang Daniel’s Fan

My puppy, you haven’t changed at all!

— Kang Daniel’s Fan

No way T-T

— Kang Daniel’s Fan


Kang Daniel thanked the fans for staying by his side through his previous legal battle and promised to return to the K-Pop scene as soon as he could. His fans, who have missed him dearly, now anticipate Kang Daniel’s new music coming soon!


Watch the full broadcast below:

Kang Daniel vs. LM Entertainment