Kang Daniel’s Manager Kicked Out Of Famous Organization For Celebrity Managers

They explained it was because of Kang Daniel.

Kang Daniel‘s Manager, identified as “A”, was once a part of the Korean Management Federation (KMF). The organization is made up of about 350 members who are all currently active managers with over 4 years of experience. It is an exclusive club that has a mass network in the entertainment industry. However, it’s been reported that “A” had his membership removed.

The federation sent a mass text message to all of its members announcing the removal of “A” from the organization. They revealed that they will not work with “A” because of his affiliation with Kang Daniel, who was in a legal conflict with his former agency, LM Entertainment.

We will not work with any celebrities who have caused an ethical or sexual issue, or anyone who is in conflict with their entertainment company.

The KMF members are not allowed to sign contracts with these celebrities and must deny even their casting offers.

We’ve taken this measure to protect the rights and interests of our members and strengthen management authorities.

— Korean Management Federation

Kang Daniel was unable to participate in broadcasts ever since he entered a legal conflict with his former agency. In May, the court ruled in Kang Daniel’s favor and allowed him to begin promotions without LM. However, LM continues to fight the court’s multiple decisions and claims they have new evidence to file another appeal.

Kang Daniel has since created his own company, called KONNECT ENTERTAINMENT. He’s been preparing for his long-awaited solo debut album, titled “color on me”, which is set to drop on July 25.

Reports claim Kang Daniel’s company recruited “A” to help manage Kang Daniel’s schedules and negotiate casting offers to various broadcasting companies. “A” was a part of the KMF until his membership was recently terminated by the organization.

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