Kang Daniel Shows His Vulnerable Side In Mesmerizing New Solo “Paranoia”

Another certified bop.

After announcing his comeback, Kang Daniel finally released “Paranoia,” sharing a darker side of himself that he hasn’t shown before.

| KONNECT Entertainment/YouTube

The solo artist co-wrote the lyrics to the song, giving the haunting solo and music video a deeper and more personal touch as he shares his personal journey in battling his inner demons and nightmares.

| KONNECT Entertainment/YouTube

The addictive and rhythmic beat paired with the stunning and chilling scenes makes “Paranoia” a memorable song that tells not only Kang Daniel’s story, but the story of many others who have experienced the same pains and fears.

It’s quite a heavy topic, but it’s things & emotions that I’ve really been through. Now that I’ve settled it, I want to honestly express it. It’s definitely a little heavy, but I chose to think that everyone has been through it at least once.

— Kang Daniel

Moving forward, Kang Daniel expressed that he “[doesn’t] want to decorate myself with fakes, and even if it’s a bit lacking, it’s also me. I want to be a person who empathizes and impresses someone.” With such a stunning and honest comeback, he’s already on the right track.

Source: Naver Online Press Conference

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