Kang Daniel Opens Up About His Goals And Expectations Towards His Long-Awaited Comeback

He has high aspirations!

In light of his upcoming comeback, K-Pop soloist Kang Daniel recently took part in a stunning pictorial and interesting interview with 1st Look.



It was reported back in January that Kang Daniel was preparing for a comeback and was later confirmed by his agency, KONNECT Entertainment.

It has been a good few months since Kang Daniels’s last comeback, “Magenta” that was released in August of 2020. Since it has been so long, fans are highly anticipating it!

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During his interview, Kang Daniel shared how he wanted to grow more as an artist.

I want to show myself as a real artist. It’s agony to become a true artist. Incorporated in my comeback are a lot of my own thoughts and worries and there will be many sincere stories. It’s a part of a person named ‘Kang Daniel.’

— Kang Daniel

As the talented artists he is, fans are sure Kang Daniel will achieve his goals and that his comeback will be nothing but a huge success!

Source: Sports Donga

Kang Daniel