Kang Daniel Sets An Official New Record By Selling Over 460,000 Albums In First Week

The power of Kang Daniel and his fans!

Kang Daniel has officially set a new record as the soloist who sold the most albums in its first week! His solo debut album, ‘color on me’, was released in the offline markets on July 29th. Within just a week, he recorded a massive sales number of 466,701 albums!

This comes as no surprise as Kang Daniel had actually outsold the previous record holder within the first 3 days. His official record is over 80,000 higher than the previous record.

What’s even more amazing is that Kang Daniel has even achieved 8th place when it comes to top K-Pop selling albums in total! That’s including everything from rookies, non-rookies, soloists, and groups! Kang Daniel’s selling power was praised as it is rare for a soloist to outsell a group’s album.

Kang Daniel has repeatedly emphasized that his debut album was a present to his fans for all of the support and love that they’ve shown him during his time with Wanna One and even during his legal battle with LM Entertainment.

He is currently busy promoting the album through fan meetings all across Asia!


Check out his MV to celebrate!

Source: Osen

Kang Daniel