Kang Daniel Posts Multiple Photos On His Instagram Following News Of His Relationship With TWICE’s Jihyo

He chose to post these specific photos.

Ever since Kang Daniel‘s dating news with TWICE‘s Jihyo broke out, Kang Daniel had only conversed with his fans through a heartfelt message on his fancafe.


Now that a few days have passed, Kang Daniel decided to return to Instagram to spend more time with his fans! He uploaded multiple photos all from his recent fan meeting tour around Korea!


In each of the posts, he added the specific date of when he visited the fans in the different cities.


Along with the hashtags for his album and the title track, “What are you up to”.


In each of the photos, Kang Daniel can be seen smiling and looking fondly towards his fans.


Perhaps this was his way to emphasize that his debut album was only possible thanks to his fans.

News reports claimed that Jihyo was the source of his strength during his recent legal battle with LM Entertainment. However, he had emphasized through his fancafe letter that his fans’ support were his greatest strength.


No matter the meaning behind these multiple posts, it’s wonderful seeing Kang Daniel posts these happy photos of his time with his fans!


Here’s to more posts and interactions with Kang Daniel and his fans!

Source: News1

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