Kang Daniel Apologizes To Fans About His Relationship News With TWICE’s Jihyo

He addressed his relationship with Jihyo.

Kang Daniel and TWICE‘s Jihyo were revealed to have been in a relationship since the beginning of this year. Dispatch first released the news and both JYP and KONNECT have confirmed the two are indeed dating.

As their story has become a hot topic among netizens and fans, Kang Daniel took to his official fancafe to address the dating news to his fans. He first apologized that he “wasn’t able to tell [the fans] before” it hit the news.


He also went onto correct the news reports that claimed Kang Daniel was able to fight through his legal battle with LM Entertainment because of Jihyo’s love. He emphasized that his fans “were the ones who continued to hold [him] upright” during the difficult time.

He repeatedly thanked his fans for always showering him with love and support, and vowed to repay their love as best as he can.


Read Kang Daniel’s full message below:

Hello. This is Kang Daniel.

First, I would like to say that I’m very sorry to everyone who was startled by the sudden news today. I’m sure it has been on your mind all day, and I’m worried that I am too late with my response.

I’m very sorry that I wasn’t able to tell you this before and that this space that’s designated with stories between you and me had to include this other story.

Many things have happened in my journey to be able to stand alone as I am now. There were times when I was completely exhausted, but my fans were the ones who continued to hold me upright. I wanted to emphasize this.

During my long hiatus, I was hurt and having a hard time from the malicious rumors. But the reason why I was able to stand up and continue fighting was thanks to the fans who continued to support me, patiently waiting despite the frustration you must have been feeling. Thank you so much for the many photos, messages, and events in the fancafe and the supportive messages and love you posted all throughout the subways.

Every time I visited the cafe and the subways, I was able to see your love, which allowed me to prepare my album and even allowed a surprising record to become reality. Each time, I received such a large amount of comfort and hope that I could never have expected.

My purpose and desire are to repay the fans’ love as best as I can. In order to do so, I will continue to do my best in order to show the best side of the singer Kang Daniel. I’ve received more than enough from my fans and I’m thankful for it. I will strive to repay you even more.

Tomorrow, I will become a better Kang Daniel than I was today.

Thank you so so much for being with me.

— Kang Daniel

Source: isplus

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