Kang Daniel Recognized As The Most Influential Male Solo Artist At The 2020 Brand Loyalty Awards

He was named as the most influential!

The Brand Customer Loyalty Awards are known as the leading awards body for brands that have high customer loyalty in various fields and during this year’s festivities, Kang Daniel was recognized for his power as a solo artist.

Among the many categories that the awards look at, Kang Daniel was recognized under the “Personality and Culture” category. This section conducted a survey on selected brands through the analysis of major issues based on news and media coverage, broadcasting programs, and SNS activity. Results were determined by averaging the scores of the brand attachment, trust, and recommendation categories to determine the final customer loyalty index.

When the final customer loyalty index was calculated Kang Daniel was named the most influential male solo singer!

Image: @konnect_danielk

During his acceptance speech, Kang Daniel had hearts everywhere melting as he thanked his team and DANITY for always being by his side.

I am grateful to KONNECT Entertainment for helping me produce good work as a singer. I believe I am able to receive this honor along with my seniors thanks to DANITY who are my best friends and always by my side. They are a huge strength to me. I will be a person who fits the weight carried by this award.

— Kang Daniel

Along with his sweet words to DANITY, he also spoke about the hardships many people are facing due to the current COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) pandemic and expressed his hopes that everyone will stay healthy.

With COVID-19, not only the medical staff but also a lot of people around the world are struggling. I hope this hardship will soon pass and we can smile again into a happy world. I hope we can all stay healthy until then.

— Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel, meanwhile, recently gave further proof of his outstanding influence when he appeared on MBC‘s Omniscient Interfering View where he stole everyone’s heart with his amazing chemistry with his manager and topped real-time searches!

Source: Herald Pop and Star Today

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