Kang Daniel Revealed To Be Filming His New Show In The US As He Prepares To Return To TV Again

He gave an update on his comeback.

Kang Daniel is making his long-awaited return to TV as he’s currently filming his own show! His new show, titled Hello, Daniel will air on SBS but nothing else has been confirmed about his show at this point. His agency, KONNECT Entertainment, confirmed that he’s currently in the US filming,

Many speculate it may be a reality show that follows Kang Daniel on his travels in the US.

It’s true that Kang Daniel is filming in the States right now. He is making a comeback on TV but we haven’t decided on a specific broadcasting period.


They also commented on Kang Daniel’s possible plans to make a comeback with a new album. KONNECT explained that they will begin preparing for the album when it’s time and make an announcement in the future. But nothing has been confirmed yet.

We plan to begin preparing for his album in order. We don’t have any confirmed plans as of yet. When we make a decision later on, we will make an announcement at the right time.


Kang Daniel went on a hiatus back in December after his agency confirmed that he’s suffering depression and anxiety. He had put a sudden halt to his “TOUCHIN'” promotions and had not had any official schedules since.

He recently wrote a letter to fans, expressing that he’s gotten better and wishes to begin his activities again. His agency also commented on his health, revealing that he’s gotten better but no other schedule besides the show has been confirmed as of yet.

They explained, “Thankfully, he’s gotten a lot better. There’s nothing set yet in terms of his official schedules after this filming.”

Stay tuned as Kang Daniel prepares to make his comeback on TV to greet his fans with new contents!

Source: Sports Chosun and Donga

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