Kang Daniel Opens Up About How Wanna One Helped Him Prepare For His Solo Debut

He thought about Wanna One often while preparing the album.

Kang Daniel held his highly anticipated solo debut showcase for his album, “color on me”. During the interview session, he opened up about how Wanna One impacted his official debut.


He first expressed his gratitude towards the “many people who were interested” in his new album, and “hoped to show them a good stage.” He also confessed honestly that he was “very nervous.


Perhaps the nervousness came from the fact that he will be on his own from now on, instead of being in a group of 11 members. He confessed that he thought about Wanna One a lot while preparing the album.


This album made him realize just how great of a group Wanna One was. He opened up about being the last to debut and how he plans to learn from his Wanna One experience.

I thought a lot about Wanna One while I was creating my solo album.

It made me think of the empty spaces compared to Wanna One. It made me realize how great of a team Wanna One was.

I am the last Wanna One member to re-debut. Bae Jinyoung also debuted with a fantastic group.

I felt a lot of pressure. I’m sure that the solo Kang Daniel will look different than compared to when I was with my 10 brothers. It’s a concern that I’ll have to continue to figure out and a good experience.

— Kang Daniel


He also mentioned the one benefit he sees in his career soloist when compared to his Wanna One days. He’s excited for fans to see and listen to an album that is just 100% Kang Daniel!

There’s only one benefit to being a soloist. I think it’s a strength that I’m able to show everyone just my voice, my performance, and my style. I’m going to work hard to become a soloist who can take up the whole stage.

I wanted to show my fans a side to me that they’ve never seen before. I focused on my vocals while preparing for this album. I debated about having a track be mostly based on rap but I want to do that when I’m more prepared with higher quality.

I wondered how great it would be if I could attract people with different colors of myself. It’s a special album for me.

— Kang Daniel


Kang Daniel created this album more so for his fans than anything else. He wanted to repay his fans with a brand new side to him that’s new and improved! He’s participated in the majority of the album and was happy to finally keep his promise to his fans.

This album was prepared for my fans. If it weren’t for the fans, I wouldn’t have worked on this album with such importance on time. Many people helped me a lot. I also practiced regardless of day or night.

I participated in the lyric writing for all of the songs except for the first one. Divine Channel, who I first met through Produce 101 Season 2, were happy that I was able to write my own lyrics now.

— Kang Daniel


Now that Kang Daniel has officially debuted, he will be touring on multiple fan meetings, starting with Hong Kong and Singapore! He revealed that he plans to hold 10 fan meetings and will announce the details in the near future!


Check out Kang Daniel’s official debut with “What Are You Up To”:

Source: Osen

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