“Street Woman Fighter” Noze And Kang Hyewon Adorably Try To Trick Each Other But Fail

This friendship is too cute!

K-Pop backup dancer and recent Street Woman Fighter contestant Noze has been gaining the hearts of fans across the world with her sharp looks and kind personality. There is one fan a bit closer to home. However, that happens to be forming a fun friendship with the dancer.

Noze | @noze_wayb/Instagram

Former IZ*ONE‘s Kang Hyewon started her own YouTube channel to do what she wished, and she has been doing just that. From Q&A’s to behind-the-scenes videos, nothing has been off-limits so far. This week her staff brought Noze to her channel as a surprise.

Hyewon has been a proud fan of Noze and has even been spotted joining her Instagram live streams from time to time. The pair have a camaraderie that many netizens find adorable.

Hyewon | @hyemhyemu/Instagram

Once at Hyewon’s filming location, the pair were given instructions to join a chat where they would “talk to a stranger” for five minutes. This time could be cut short if one of them guessed the other’s identity before the time was up.

Noze even compared the text mission to “a blind date” before she began to type.

Things began as if the pair were talking to strangers, with both taking the utmost precaution to avoid giving away their identity.

Hyewon even made up a backstory for herself where she was a college student taking the semester off.

When Noze asked about favorite singers, Hyewon jokingly answered IZ*ONE aloud before turning the question back on Noze to avoid answering.

Later, when asked what idol groups she liked, Hyewon answered BLACKPINKTWICE, and STAYC before adding “and I like a group called IZ*ONE the most” out loud to her staff.

With this answer, Noze figured out that Hyewon might be the one on the other end of the text bubble.

While Noze had the upper hand, she gave herself away when she revealed she liked dancing.

This prompted Hyewon to ask about Street Woman Fighter, to which Noze replied, “Noze is pretty cool.”

Soon enough, the conversation was over, and it was time for the reveal.

Noze opened her door and was happy to see Hyewon across the room from her (albeit a bit shy to meet her).

Once Noze entered the room, the pair became adorably excited to meet in person and even came up with the nickname “HyemZe” to refer to their friendship.

These two are adorable, and we can’t wait to see more of them together. To see Hyewon’s full vlog, check out the video below: