Kang Ji Hwan Talking About Watching Women In Bikinis Resurfaces

“I bring out a can of beer and watch women in bikinis with binoculars…”

A Japanese broadcast in which Kang Ji Hwan talks about watching women in bikinis has been resurfacing in light of his recent sexual assault scandal.

Kang Ji Hwan had revealed his home on the program. While he is currently living in Gwangju, he apparently lived in a high-rise apartment that overlooks the Han River at the time.


He had introduced the bar he made near the window as his favorite location in his home.

What you see there is the Han River. I sit here at the bar and drink alcohol or sometimes tea. I spend the most time here whether it’s in the daytime or nighttime.

ㅡ Kang Ji Hwan


He then said he would share a secret and confessed that he sat at the bar in the summers and watched women in bikinis with binoculars.

I’ll let you in on a secret. I moved here in the summer and made this bar. It’s not here anymore because it’s winter but over there is the Han River swimming pool. I can’t go out and hang out but in the daytime, I bring out a can of beer and watch women in bikinis and the swimming pool with binoculars. It’s a big part of this bar.

ㅡ Kang Ji Hwan


Kang Ji Hwan was recently arrested for raping and sexually harassing two women in his home in Gwangju. His agency terminated his contract shortly after and he has since admitted to all his charges and made an apology.

Source: Tenasia