Famous Korean Actor Confesses To Have Been Part Of The JMS Cult, Netizens Are Skeptical If He Truly Left

He claimed to have left ages ago.

Actor Kang Ji Sub recently confessed to having been a part of the JMS cult. Through his now-deleted account, he admitted that he thought it was a regular church and left before finding out about its crimes.

Hello, this is Kang Ji Sub. I’m posting this while hoping no one else falls victim to [JMS]. At one point, when I was struggling, I went somewhere to pray and work on myself. I really thought it was like any other church. But I left after realizing the teachings there were far from what I pursue spiritually. I left even before I found out about the disgusting things that happened. After learning about their satanic behavior, I grew worried for the people I used to know there. Again, I wish the best for those affected by the church’s actions. I am also a cult victim, so I deeply relate to the issue at hand. I genuinely don’t want anyone else to get hurt. And I’ll try my best to console the other victims, if possible, in any way. I’m getting a lot of hate and malicious comments about my family because of the things I’ve said in past interviews, regardless of how I really feel. And that breaks my heart. Please stop, since these can lead to traumatizing the victims again. And, with my utmost sincerity, I promise to be brave going forward as an actor and a member of society.

— Kang Ji Sub

| Han Cinema

Despite his heartfelt confession, many remain suspicious. Netizens have uncovered his past posts and interviews that cause doubt that Kang Ji Sub truly did not know about the church’s background. His agency stated in response to the accusations that they “have been unable to contact the actor. We knew he was Christian but cannot confirm if he was a JMS follower,” and later supplemented that “Kang Ji Sub left JMS church 4-5 years ago.

Netizens believe that he was still in the church until quite recently. During a show aired in December 2022, Kang Ji Sub shows viewers his walk-in closet. The closet is decorated with a portrait of Jesus. What was suspicious is that that variation of Jesus is particular to JMS. JMS cult members favor portraits that have a unique look to it as if Jesus was spiced up by a beauty filter.

Back in 2012, he also seemed to have been aware of Jung Myung Seok. He tweeted a congratulatory message on Jung Myung Seok’s birthday, March 16.

Today is the birthday of my life’s mentor, seonsaengnim. Congratulations, seonsaengnim.

— Kang Ji Sub

Seonsaengnim is used to refer to someone you highly respect or has high authority in their field. Kang Ji Sub’s use of the honorific title for the cult leader rubbed netizens the wrong way.

Lastly, back in 2006, a forum post already outed the actor.

Excuse me. That actor Kang Ji Sub from Dear Heaven, he’s also part of JMS. He said he would come to Busan to listen to the sermon. Damn, I almost got fooled by JMS.

— Netizen

Netizens expressed their shock at the revelation.

| theqoo
  • “Wow, the birthday thing…”
  • “Ugh…retire, f*ck.”
  • “What was said about him becoming an actor to spread the word…”
  • “Oh my…”
  • “No but why are they putting a beauty filter on Jesus.”

Kang Ji Sub has been steadily acting since 2005. He most recently appeared in Vengeance of the Bride.

Source: theqoo
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