Actress Kang Ye Won’s Lies About Her Age Gets Spotlighted After “Single’s Inferno” Song Ji A’s Controversy

She lied about her age.

Song Ji A has been the name on everyone’s lips lately. Her controversy of using fake luxury products to create a rich girl image for herself was largely spotlighted in media after she shot to fame on Netflix‘s Single’s Inferno. Despite her apology, the general public have not let things go just yet. In fact, the spotlight was also turned to the people involved in Song Ji A’s career. Namely, her CEO, actress Kang Ye Won.

Kang Ye Won co-founded Hyowon CNC, which houses Song Ji A as a celebrity personality. The public thought that Kang Ye Won was partly responsible as Ji A’s management and accused her of being aware that Ji A was using fake products. When Ji A’s star was at its highest, Kang Ye Won consistently promoted Ji A on her Instagram including photos together…

| @kangyewon0315/Instagram

…but soon took them down after the controversy broke out. Amidst all this, netizens uncovered that Kang Ye Won herself had lied about her age. Although she was originally born in 1979, her public profile had listed 1980 as her date of birth up to now.

Her company staff made a statement to Star Today to explain that it was true she was born in 1979. However, her previous company had listed her as 1979 and she had continued that way for promotions up to now.

The part where it says she’s born in 1980 was continued from when her first agency listed her as such during her initial promotions. We have just continued using that date of birth and her stage name as it was passed down from her previous company.

J Wide Company

When questioned about her management of Song Ji A, J Wide Company declined to give a statement, claiming that it was the personal business matters of Kang Ye Won.

Source: Star Today