KARA’s Gyuri Uploads Heartbreaking Message On Instagram — Fans Cheer For Her Amid Scandal

“I have no motivation whatsoever.”

KARA‘s Gyuri was recently tied into a fraud scandal due to association with her ex-boyfriend. Her ex-boyfriend, known to be the 3rd generation of conglomerate family Dongwon Construction, got into hot soup regarding NFT sales related to his art firm. She is not related to the fraudulent activities and has already given a statement previously.

At the time, (Gyuri) had dated Mr. Song and was a curator for an art gallery. She participated in an investigation in which she gave a statement. In the statement, she stated that she was not involved in any illegal activities and hadn’t received any benefits obtained unfairly. Although she has nothing to do with the art-related cryptocurrency business, she will cooperate with the investigation to the best of her abilities.

— Gyuri’s representatives

Despite this, being tied into the matter just by association has affected her greatly. On February 22, 2023, she uploaded an Instagram post expressing her emotions.

All day, I’ve been typing and deleting. All kinds of sentences form and disappear in my head. Since yesterday, I’ve seen a flood of headlines pouring out… so I decided to write this.I have a lot to say, but I’m not going to. People have been trying to comfort me, telling me that things will get better soon if I hang in there and wait. And I believed that. I believed that, once everything passed, there won’t be anything left to screw me over.But every year, life mocks me and feeds me all sorts of bullsh*t. And every time, headlines use my name for clout. I’m the one on the chopping board instead of “him,” taking the heat for him. People comment mindlessly after being fooled by the clickbait headlines. They say whatever they want, but me? I have to keep my mouth shut because of what I do for a living…All that aside, I just want to be able to breathe. Whenever I try living a little, something comes my way and drags me down. Then I struggle to recover from that. When I bounce back and want to try something new again, something else blows up in my face and gets me involved. So now, I’m scared to do anything with my life. If I have any fault in this, it’s that I didn’t get rid of that relationship earlier.I’m on my way to the fan meet in Japan, which was scheduled a long time ago. As I’ve explained in my official statement, I’m not involved with everything that’s going on. So please do not assume that I’m running away or something. Only write based on facts.TBH, I don’t really feel like doing anything. I have no motivation whatsoever. Those who actually did something wrong are probably carrying on just fine with their lives behind the scenes. This is all so unfair, and I’m frustrated. I want to breathe. I feel terrible for my teammates and my fans. And there’s a lot of things left for me to do that I can’t just drop everything and leave. So please help me not lose the last bit of sanity I have left.

— Gyuri

Although Gyuri has nothing to do with the scandal, most of the public blame and association has fallen on her just because of her job as a public figure. Thankfully, many have registered the unfair nature of the incident and have been sending encouraging messages to the star, urging her not to blame herself.

| theqoo

  • “Leave our unnie alone…”
  • “Gyuri unnie, find strength…”
  • “Find strength, Gyrui. You’ve worked hard all along and you have all the right to continue doing so. Don’t care about the lowlifes and just live while looking at those around you.”
  • “I knew about this after watching Park Eun Young’s Counselling Room. So this was why she looked so dark. Hope she finds strength.”
  • “Isn’t the issue that she promoted a problematic firm?”
  • “I hope female idols stop meeting businessmen. What’s all this suffering..”

It was said that her ex-boyfriend also lied about his age when they were dating. At the time of relationship, he was said to be 19 years of age internationally (born in 2000), while she was 13 years older than him. Media reports claim he added at least five years to his age when introducing himself to her.

Source: theqoo