KARA’s Gyuri Responds To Allegations That She Is The Popular Idol Who Was Investigated For Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Fraud Case

A popular idol was reported to have been investigated by prosecutors.

KARA‘s Gyuri released a statement in which she addressed allegations that she was the girl group member who was investigated for her involvement in her ex-boyfriend’s fraud case.

Gyuri | @gyuri_88/Instagram

On February 20, KARA’s Gyuri released a statement through her representative in which she revealed she had been investigated. In her statement, the idol also denied any involvement in her ex-boyfriend’s alleged crimes.

At the time, (Gyuri) had dated Mr. Song and was a curator for an art gallery. She participated in an investigation in which she gave a statement. In the statement, she stated that she was not involved in any illegal activities and hadn’t received any benefits obtained unfairly. Although she has nothing to do with the art-related cryptocurrency business, she will cooperate with the investigation to the best of her abilities.

— Gyuri’s representatives

Previously, we reported that a popular girl group member had been investigated for her involvement in her ex-boyfriend’s alleged crimes.

Popular Girl Group Member Is Reportedly Investigated For Involvement In Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Fraud Case

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