A Pre-Debut Girl Group Member’s Lesbian Photoshoot Resurfaces, Sparking Mixed Reactions

Fans discovered the photoshoot after she was announced as a group member.

Earlier this year, it was announced that HYBE would partner with GEFFEN Records to produce an international girl group through the survival program Dream Academy.

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After weeks of eliminations, the line-up of KATSEYE was narrowed to six diverse members, including the Swiss-Ghanaian trainee Manon.


Recently, fans discovered that Manon was photographed with another woman in a romantic and suggestive photoshoot in her past modeling work.

| The Heart Project
| The Heart Project
| The Heart Project

One of the images even features the pair kissing while lying down in the romantic setting.

| The Heart Project

With this discovery, netizens have shared some mixed reactions.

The photos were released by a brand called The Heart Project. This community-run collective allows “access to creative contribution and shared ownership” of group creations by purchasing its NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

| OpenSea

NFTs have been widely criticized for their negative impact on the environment by K-Pop fans in the past when attempts to merge them with music. Some fans felt slightly “off” about Manon’s involvement in NFTs.

Another point fans defended against was the alleged suggestion that the photos be hidden due to their LGBTQIA+ content out of fear of adverse reactions.

Many fans pointed out that while KATSEYE was formed through HYBE, they are not likely to be subjected to the same standards K-Pop groups are as they are meant to be a global group.

On the other hand, many expressed support for Manon, feeling represented by the upcoming idol without assuming her sexuality.