KBS Gagman Revealed To Have Directly Entered Female Washroom To Film Victims

He had filmed a total of 47 victims directly.

In June, it was reported that there were findings of a hidden camera that had been installed in the female bathroom of the KBS building in Yeoui-do, Seoul. As many know, there are lots of filmings going on inside the building, putting anyone, from celebrities to staff, at a risk.


It was revealed that it was a gagman who was the perpetrator, although his identity was not fully revealed. News outlets have confirmed that his last name is Park and that he is 30 years old in Korea this year.

On the 14th of August, according to the court trial, he has been charged of sexual crimes by invading privacy, with the use of cameras. However, in the investigation and examination process, it was revealed that not only did he install hidden cameras that were unmanned, he also entered the female bathrooms in 2018, directly filming women that were going about their business.

| Newsis

It is reported that he had raised cameras in his hand and filmed from the space above the cubicles, and had done so up to 32 times over the course of two years, ending in April 2020. Not only did he film women who were managing their businesses in the cubicles, he had also filmed women changing in the washrooms up to 15 times in May 2020.

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Mr Park has admitted to all charges and is reported to be trying to make settlements with the victims out of court. Thus, the court has agreed to a retrial at a later date in September, to give him time to come to agreements with the victims, if possible. Many netizens are outraged at the entire situation.

Mr Park has previously been speculated to be Park Dae Seung, a gagman that had debuted with KBS after 11 years.

Source: theqoo and newsis