KBS Allegedly Deletes Video Of “Hospital Playlist” Actress Jeon Mi Do After The Thumbnail Was Considered “Pro-Feminist”

Netizens voiced their opinion on the controversial decision!

Netizens have recently raised concerns after a video was deleted on YouTube of Hospital Playlist actress Jeon Mi Do, who plays Song Hwa in the show after appearing on KBS‘s show Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.

Jeon Do Mi as Song Hwa in “Hospital Playlist” | tvN

Despite her character being an awful singer, Jeon Mi Do appeared alongside the host and other guests earlier in the month. During the show, Jeon Mi Do showcased her talent in several performances of tracks that reminded fans that she actually has a fantastic voice, unlike her character.

| KBS Kpop/ YouTube 

She also spoke to host Yoo Hee Yeol about her career, what to expect in her personal career and the future of Hospital Playlist, a show loved by so many netizens.

Although the episode was aired live on the network, they released videos of all the segments on YouTube. As expected, all of the videos received a lot of love from fans worldwide who tuned in to see more of their favorite doctor!

| KBS Kpop/ YouTube

One of those videos was released on December 11 and showed Jeon Mi Do reenacting the tone-deaf character she played in the show. However, netizens recently noticed that this video had been taken down from YouTube, and viewers could no longer find it.

According to discussions under the video, many Korean netizens thought that the thumbnail was seen as inappropriate before it was taken down. Jeon Mi Do was using a hand gesture resembling a finger-pinching gesture in the thumbnail.

Although it could’ve just been to demonstrate her character, it is a hand sign that has sparked outrage among anti-feminists in South Korea. The gesture caused controversy after anti-feminists claim that it is a gesture used by feminists to mock male genitals.

When netizens started to notice the video was gone, they shared their thoughts online on why it had happened. Many Western netizens didn’t understand the issue with the gesture, voicing their disappointment on the issue and the fact that it would have been easier to change the thumbnail rather than delete it.

Yet, it didn’t surprise many netizens. It isn’t the first time that netizens have called out parts of Korea for their traditional views on gender roles and when citizens have called out celebrities for being feminists.

Well-known MC JaeJae came under fire earlier in the year after making a similar gesture during the Baeksang Arts Awards festival while eating a piece of chocolate. Various male community sites had taken offense to this gesture as it is reportedly a gesture of male hate.


Olympian An San was also criticized, and some wanted her medal taken away after accusing her of being a feminist. There was also an anti-feminist organization that created a list of celebrities deemed “feminists,” and it included BTS’s RMRed Velvet’s Joy, and Suzy 

In particular, some people in Korea have also shared other instances where companies have been made to change advertisements due to using the same gesture.

Although KBS hasn’t directly addressed the issue or concerns after the video was deleted, many netizens have continued to share their thoughts on the topic of feminism in South Korea.

Source: GStarLive