TikToker’s K-Drama Moment With A Hot CEO Goes Viral

Straight out of a K-Drama.

Radhika Bangia is a social media influencer who uploads various dance videos and other content to TikTok and YouTube.


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As a self-proclaimed K-Drama lover, it’s no surprise that Radhika Bangia often uploads K-Drama-inspired content.

Radhika Bangia | Radhika Bangia/YouTube 
| Radhika Bangia/YouTube 

But the influencer has now gone viral for one “real life K-Drama moment” video she recently shared to YouTube.

In the video, the influencer shares her experience “[falling] in love with the CEO oppa in Korea.” The viral video starts with Radhika Bangia filming in an office, doing a typical TikTok dance.

| Radhika Bangia/YouTube 

But in the background, a handsome CEO appears. The man is Kim Byung Hoon, the CEO of Medicube and his visuals are certainly straight out of a K-Drama.

Kim Byung Hoon | @byunghoon_victor_kim/Instagram

In Radhika Bangia’s video, the influencer is filming her dance video when “the CEO of the company walked in” and “didn’t stop looking at [her].”

| Radhika Bangia/YouTube 
| Radhika Bangia/YouTube 

The viral video shows the influencer “forgetting [her] dance moves” as Kim Byung Hoon keeps watching before approaching her with a smile.

| Radhika Bangia/YouTube 

Netizens joked that it would have been impossible for the CEO not to notice her.

And definitely agree that it was a scene straight out of a romantic K-Drama.

Especially given the CEO’s reaction to her dancing.

Radhika Bangia and CEO Kim Byung Hoon also filmed a video together for his Instagram, where the two did an “accent challenge” together.

Source: Radhika Bangia

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