Kep1er’s Huening Bahiyyih Gains Attention For Her Gorgeous Visuals

Korean netizens are loving it!

Kep1er‘s Huening Bahiyyih has recently been gaining attention for her gorgeous visuals. The lovely girl was confirmed for debut after she won her place in the debut lineup for Kep1er through the reality survival audition program, Girls Planet 999. While she very unduly received some hate from fans of the contestants on Girls Planet 999, it seems that she’s growing on everyone!

When the concept teasers for Kep1er’s debut were released, everyone was blown away by Bahiyyih’s beauty.

| @official_kep1er/Twitter

The lovely concept suited Bahiyyih to a T. With her exotic visuals and bubbly charm, she matched the preppy High Teen concept perfectly.

  • “Kep1er picked a good concept. If they go with High Teen and Kitsch, they’re sure to succeed. Although she’s not super outstanding as a visual, she looks exotic so she definitely suits High Teen well. Both this time and their last photoshoot.”
  • “She suits this conecpt well. For real. Even the other members too.”
  • “She was so pretty during today’s live stream too.”

This is not the first time Bahiyyih has stunned us with her gorgeous looks. Previously, in a shoot for DAZED Magazine, Bahiyyih pulled off a dreamy teen style beautifully.


We simply can’t wait to see what Bahiyyih has in store for us after her official debut!

Source: pann