Protect Huening Bahiyyih: Kep1er Fans Call For Action With #WakeoneProtectBahiyyih

They say malicious netizens are targeting her.

Fans are calling for Huening Bahiyyih‘s agency, WAKEONE, to do more to protect the Kep1er member from ongoing harassment.

Huening Bahiyyih

Since her time on Mnet‘s Girls Planet 999, the 17-year-old idol has been the target of malicious comments from netizens. Unfortunately, Huening Bahiyyih is well aware of her anti-fans, according to her supportive uncle, Vincent Huening. Even the Girls Planet 999‘s production directors Kim Shin Young and Jung Woo Young have spoken out about her hardships.

I am sad that stories like this are coming out even after the debut team has been confirmed.

— Kim Shin Young.

Although WAKEONE has stated that “strong measures without leniency will be taken” against “malicious postings, defamation, and false rumors,” fans say that not enough is being done.

Now, fans are reaching out to WAKEONE using the hashtag #WakeOneProtectBahiyyih. Some are also using an email template created by BAHIYYIH FB UNION, a Huening Bahiyyih fanbase.

In the email, BAHIYYIH FB UNION states that Huening Bahiyyih is receivingverbal hatred and defamation,” particularly from Japanese netizens. 

Recently, japanese netizens (j-netz) have been viciously expressing their seeming fake concern over Bahiyyih’s personal and private schedules. This is an invasion of the artist’s privacy. They are defaming Bahiyyih on the internet and painting her in a negative light. They are even going to lengths, asking her to leave the group.

— BAHIYYIH FB UNION’s email template

One of the most recent issues stems from Huening Bahiyyih’s decision to attend a fan event to support her brother, TXT‘s Huening Kai.

WAKEONE has not yet responded to fans’ concerns.