“Girls Planet 999” PDs Ask Fans To Stop Hating On Kep1er’s Huening Bahiyyih

The PDs explained just how harmful the negativity could be.

Since Girls Planet 999 ended and the final lineup for Kep1er was announced, second-place winner Huening Bahiyyih has been inundated with hate from netizens. Now, even the show’s production directors are calling on viewers to stop the negativity.

Although 17-year-old Huening Bahiyyih didn’t receive the highest rankings over the course of Girls Planet 999, her luck turned around when the show switched to one-pick voting for the finale episode. With the most votes out of all the finalists and almost 1 million points in total, Bahiyyih rose up the ranks to become the second-place member of Kep1er.

Kep1er’s Huening Bahiyyih | Mnet

However, despite her high-scoring win, Bahiyyih soon found herself facing intense hate from viewers who claimed she only made it into the group because of her famous sibling, TXT‘s Hueningkai. After a Twitter Space audio recording showed K-Netizens making cruel remarks like, “Won’t you feel like it’s deserving even if she gets outcast?,” Bahiyyih’s uncle took to Facebook to reveal that she’s actually aware of the hate comments thrown at her over the past few months.

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Bahiyyih knew about the controversy and the negativity during GP999.

— Vincent Huening, uncle to Huening Bahiyyih and Hueningkai

Now, even the Girls Planet 999 PDs are calling on viewers to stop the hateful comments. In a new interview with TenAsia, production directors Kim Shin Young and Jung Woo Young spoke out about the issue.

“Girls Planet 999” PDs Kim Shin Young (left) and Jung Woo Young (right) | Mnet

I am sad that stories like this are coming out even after the debut team has been confirmed,” stated Kim Shin Young. He added that alongside receiving an outpouring of support from global fans, Bahiyyih also charmed the show’s staff with her potential.

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She is someone who received a lot of love and votes from fans all around the world. Even the staff could see that she had her own charm and had enough potential on stage.

— Kim Shin Young, Girls Planet 999 PD

Kim Shin Young went on to say that he wishes for all fans to support the entire Kep1er lineup, Bahiyyih included, as “all this talk could bring a bad influence to the debut team.” He also added that the hate “would also be hurtful for [Bahiyyih] as well.”

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I wish that everyone would support the debut group including Huening Bahiyyih.

— Kim Shin Young, Girls Planet 999 PD

Jung Woo Young, meanwhile, noted that all the contestants on the show were deserving, explaining that the 99 participants were already whittled down from a pool of over 100,000 applicants. “The process in coming this far was all because they each had their own charms,” he stated.

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It wouldn’t be strange if any of these 99 trainees had made it to the debut team,” he went on to say, “because they each had their own talents and charm.” Indeed, many international fans state that they voted for Huening Bahiyyih due to her growing skills and sweet personality rather than out of support for TXT’s Hueningkai. Ultimately, Jung Woo Young shared his hope that fans can show all the Kep1er members support over their two-and-a-half-year contract.

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I hope that people can love all of them.

— Jung Woo Young, Girls Planet 999 PD

Source: TenAsia

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