Fans Criticize Kep1er Huening Bahiyyih’s Lack Of Screen Time, Call For Change

“Enough with accepting the bare minimum.”

Once again, fans of Kep1er‘s Huening Bahiyyih are rallying on her behalf, in the hopes that changes will be made.

Kep1er’s Huening Bahiyyih | @official_kep1er/Twitter

Since her time on Mnet‘s Girls Planet 999, the teen idol has suffered alleged mistreatment and been targetted by malicious comments. Some fans claim that Huening Bahiyyih was treated unfairly on Girls Planet 999, pointing to questionable styling choices, poor camera work, and a lack of screen time.

Huening Bahiyyih (far left) wearing an outfit that some viewers found “unflattering.”

Now, Huening Bahiyyih’s screen time is once again a hot topic, following her appearance in Episode 0 of Queendom 2. Episode 0 is an exclusive preview of what’s to come in Season 2 of the popular competition show. Kep1er is one of six competing teams.

In Episode 0, Huening Bahiyyih shone under spotlights and proved, once again, that she deserves her spot on the stage. Although fans were pleasantly surprised by the amount of screen time she was given…

…others remain skeptical.

“Enough with accepting the bare minimum,” one fan tweeted. “We need to aim bigger.” More specifically, fans are rallying for Huening Bahiyyih to be given more screen time during Kep1er’s performances.

Here’s hoping for much more of this brightly shining star on Queendom 2!


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