Kep1er’s Kim Chaehyun Makes Headlines For Serving SM Entertainment-Like Visuals

She was previously compared to a top SM visual!

Girls Planet 999 recently concluded their competition series and with it, girl group Kep1er was officially born. The 9 member project girl group is nearing their official December 2021 debut and in an effort to promote themselves a little bit more, they recently held their very first YouTube live.

“Kep1er’s first YouTube live will begin shortly” | @Kep1er/YouTube

And while different parts of the live have been wildly talked about, it was Kim Chaehyun‘s stunning visuals that have started to make headlines throughout the nation.

Kim Chaehyun | @Kep1er/YouTube

After viewing the YouTube live, netizens believed that the Kep1er member possessed SM Entertainment-like visuals, which does not come as a surprise since they have already previously compared her visuals to Red Velvet‘s Irene.

Kim Chaehyun (left) and Irene (right) | YouTube, theqoo

This is also less surprising to her longtime fans because she actually began her idol trainee days under SM Entertainment. It’s been reported that Kim Chaehyun trained with the label for about 6 years before departing the agency sometime between 2019 and 2020

| @Kep1er/YouTube

It’s no wonder netizens keep seeing SM Entertainment in her—Kim Chaehyun’s gorgeous visuals were acknowledged by the entertainment company well before the public even heard of her! Everything makes so much more sense.

Kep1er will be making their highly anticipated debut sometime in December 2021 so be on the lookout for that. In the meantime, check out the girl group’s recent YouTube live down below!

Source: Insight