Kep1er Responds To Criticism That They’re Only On “Queendom 2” Because They’re “Mnet’s Daughters”

The staff also commented on this issue.

Rookie girl group Kep1er is one of the artists participating in Mnet‘s Queendom 2. They are the youngest among all of the participants which include Hyolyn, VIVIZ, WJSN, Brave Girls, and LOONA.


In the second episode of the show, the group read aloud a netizen comment calling them “Mnet’s daughters.”

Kep1er is one of the many daughters of Mnet. It was very likely that they would appear on the show but people might question that they’re pushing for Kep1er too much. They’re rookies who just debuted so I thought they wouldn’t come out, but they’re really in the lineup.

— Netizen Comment

Dayeon acknowledged that the rumors sprouted because Kep1er was formed from the survival program Girls Planet 999 which aired on Mnet from August to October 2021. Moreover, the companies that manage them, Swing Entertainment and Wake One Entertainment, are subsidiaries of CJ ENM which also owns Mnet.

I bet many people think this way: Kep1er is on [Queendom 2] because they’re from Mnet.

— Dayeon

| Mnet

They were worried that viewers would think they received preferential treatment.

I knew someone would say this…that’s what we were worried about…

— Mahiro

Yujin added that the members acknowledged their comments would not be enough to convince netizens of their innocence, saying, “Even if we deny it, it wouldn’t help.” Thus, a behind the scenes meeting between the members and the staff of Queendom 2 was shown.

The latter mentioned that they chose Kep1er as one of the contestants because of their successful debut and not because of nepotism.

We’re not choosing you because you’re part of our company. Kep1er’s debut and activities were really good. You convinced the crew with your skills.

Queendom 2 Staff Member

Instead of feeling upset at being dubbed “Mnet’s daughters,” Kep1er vowed to prove that they had what it takes to compete neck-and-neck with their seniors: “We agreed to prove it with our performance. That’s what we’re here to do.”

They wanted to distance themselves from the notion that they’re only participating in Queendom 2 because of their connections.

We’re not here as the daughters of Mnet. We’re on the show because we’re Kep1er.

— Chaehyun

The girls made it their goal to convince netizens that they belonged in the competition through their performances.

If we don’t show what we can do in the first match, people will keep talking about it. We have to show them we’re on the show because we’re good. That’s what I want to hear.

— Dayeon

Check out Kep1er’s “WA DA DA” performance on Queendom 2 below.

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