“Girls Planet 999”’s Yurina Answers The Most Hilariously Relatable Question About Kep1er’s Xiaoting

The fan who asked this question said what we’re all thinking 😂

While popular Girls Planet 999 contestant Kawaguchi Yurina sadly didn’t make it into the finale episode’s Top 9 lineup, her bond with Kep1er’s Xiaoting (also known as Shen Xiaoting) is showing no sign of disappearing. In fact, in a recent live broadcast on Instagram, she gave the cutest answer to a hilariously relatable question about her BFF.

According to their fellow Girls Planet 999 contestants, Xiaoting and Yurina had an incredibly close bond from day one. In fact, eliminated trainee Ma Yuling said she saw the pair holding hands during the first day of shooting.

Kawaguchi Yurina (left) and Shen Xiaoting (right)

Throughout the show, they only became closer, leading numerous viewers to hope they’d debut together. Sadly, however, though Yurina was once the no.1-ranked contestant, she sadly reached 14th place in the finale. Missing the cut-off for Kep1er, Yurina soon returned to Japan, where she’s likely working on the next steps of her star journey.

However, although Yurina and Xiaoting are living in different countries right now, they still share the most adorable bond. Today, to celebrate Xiaoting’s 22nd birthday, Yurina uploaded heartwarming photobooth prints of them together.

| @kawaguchi_yurina_official/Instagram

Alongside super-sweet photos of the pair hugging and kissing each other’s cheeks, Yurina shared a loving message, thanking Xiaoting for being born and wishing her good health.

But that’s not the only time she’s talked about Xiaoting today. Just a few hours prior, Yurina was asked a hilarious question about her Girls Planet 999 co-contestant that we can all relate to. During a live broadcast for fans, Yurina held a Q&A session where she pulled fan questions out of a box—and one question was about Xiaoting…

| @kawaguchi_yurina_official/Instagram

Does Xiaoting exist?” the paper read, referring to how Xiaoting is so perfect, it’s hard to believe she’s even real!

| @kawaguchi_yurina_official/Instagram

After cracking up at the question and telling viewers, “I know the feeling,” Yurina was quick to confirm that Xiaoting does in fact exist, no matter how crazy that may seem. Then, she went on to share her honest thoughts about her bestie.

| @kawaguchi_yurina_official/Instagram

She has an aura like a god,” explained Yurina according to translations from girlsplanetph on Reddit, adding that Xiaoting’s visuals are also godlike. Yurina went on to that Xiaoting is very good, beautiful, and pure-hearted—aww!

| @kawaguchi_yurina_official/Instagram

She is a very good girl. She’s beautiful, and… she has a really beautiful heart too. She’s so beautiful visual and pure heart that I thought, ‘She is a goddess.’

— Kawaguchi Yurina

Later on in the live stream, Yurina was also asked whether she’s still in touch with Xiaoting. Much to the joy of fans, Yurina revealed the pair have stayed in touch and often share voice messages with each other. While it’s unclear whether Yurina plans to continue her career in Japan, fans are hoping this pair will be able to meet up again in person soon.

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